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Keratin Hair Building Fibers

Tired of feeling self conscious?

Worried all the time? Insecurity grows worse in time.

You don't need to live like that anymore.

EnvyMax instantly transforms your hair so you focus on whats important!

Get Confidence. Get Success.
First Impressions Matter!


Get beautiful photos, focus on success at work, be yourself in relationships.

Shake on then style like normal. EnvyMax is resistant to rain, wind and sweat.

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Look like a celebrity at the once in a life weddings!

Stop Worrying, Focus On Your Success

Look Like A Celebrity

EnvyMax Hair Building Fibers

Love It or Money Back

It is neither a
Spray Paint
nor a
Shoe Polish



Having a hard time focusing at work? Worried about wedding or reunion photoshoot? Your anxiety only gets worse and affects your relationships and success.

Stop worrying and become the star with EnvyMax!

EnvyMax contains new & improved Keratin microfibers blends and stays on flawlessly. EnvyMax's high tech keratin is more cost efficient, passing the savings to you.

Just put EnvyMax on, style like normal and go. EnvyMax will blend to your natural hair style. EnvyMax is resistant to wind, rain and sweat. Get Success in work and personal life! BUY NOW.

EnvyMax makes sure you make luscious lasting impressions or your money back! See our Risk Free Money Back Guarantee.

Available Colors

Be the star at your reunion!

Look good from all angles, get success from work and from that special someone.

Your Benefits

EnvyMax gives you new and improved Keratin Hair Building Fiber and passes savings to you so you get more and pay less.

  • Amazing Reunion & Wedding Photos
    Make the photos and memories last
  • Success At Work
    Focus more, worry less
  • Win At Relationships
    Get Confidence, Stop Anxiety

100% Money Back Guarantee

Try EnvyMax, don't like it? Keep It & Get Full Refund!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EnvyMax?

EnvyMax is a new & improved Keratin microfibers powder that blends in your hair, instantly making it thicker and fuller.

How does EnvyMax work?

EnvyMax keratin hair fibers binds to your existing hair giving you a thick, full and natural looking hair.

Is EnvyMax safe?

EnvyMax is completely safe, no side effects.

How long does EnvyMax last?

EnvyMax lasts until you wash it out with shampoo. EnvyMax tends to be wind, rain and perspiration resistant.

How does rain, sweat or wind affect EnvyMax?

EnvyMax uses new & improved keratin fibers and is resistant to rain, sweat and rain.

What if I am not happy?

EnvyMax offers best money back guarantee on the market. Just let us know and you'll get a full and quick refund. You either love it or we don't deserve to get paid.
Read Full Money Back Offer Here

How much does EnvyMax cost?

1 Bottle of EnvyMax is is $19.95. Sign up to our newsletter and get a chance to win FREE EnvyMax, get promotions and free gifts!

How much EnvyMax is in each bottle and how many days of supply is it?

EnvyMax contains 22 grams of fiber and can last anywhere from 50 to 90 days.

How can EnvyMax give higher quality fiber at affordable prices?

EnvyMax uses new & improved keratin fibers that bind better and is more durable then ever. EnvyMax is also produced in a more cost efficient higher tech method thus allowing us to pass the savings to you.

How fast is shipping?

Within the U.S., standard shipping takes 3 to 7 business days. Express shipping takes 1-2 business days.

When is the ideal time to use EnvyMax?

EnvyMax is ideal to use everyday for work and relationships. EnvyMax helps you worry less and feel confident with celebrity like thickness of hair. EnvyMax can make sure your wedding & reunion photos and videos make an lucious lasting impression forever to remember.